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Hidden Cams Articles

Call For Speed Cams Ignored

THE State Government has failed to act on a Roads and Traffic Authority report that calls for hidden mobile speed cameras, prompting accusations it has "lost its nerve" on speeding.

Nothing Candid About These Hidden Cameras

You haven't done anything wrong, so you have nothing to fear from increasing surveillance. Right? Think again, Gavin Sullivan writes.

Debunking Myths Of The Agp

I HAVE pretty much kept out of the argument until now, for the obvious reason that today's people-botherers always meet criticism by claiming the critic is either being politically incorrect or has a hidden agenda. However, given this newspaper's unblemished record (is there a hidden agenda there?)

Big Break In The Big Apple

Gordon Elliott has snared his own talk show on a major US-TV network. He spoke exclusively to MARK LAWRENCE about his coup. CAN THE combined talents of expatriate Aussies Gordon Elliott and Peter Faiman conquer those giants of American talkback television, Oprah Winfrey and Phil Donahue? As un